Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Grand Rapids Marathon Report

The morning of the Grand Rapids Marathon , October 20 2013  weather was chilly but sunny and no rain . It rained hard the night before , with thunder and lightening. I am so glad it stopped raining . It made for a much more pleasant first marathon .  A chilly 40 degree start, but seemed perfect for running .  I started with the 3:44:00 pace group , and felt very confident .
Things were going great . I was on a great pace of 8:30 as projected . At approx. mile 4 we go over the bridges downtown . As you will see on my mile breakdown listed below on training peaks , I was on target thru 16 miles .  I have Timex GPS Trainer watch that works very well .

One of the exciting events of a race is going the Packet .  It's like a Halloween goody bag . It must be the unknown that is so fun . Anyway, we runners have this weird thing that we like to do. Lay out all the goodies and display them . So, ya gotta check this packet out:

Training Peaks has a great map and graph report . As you can see below, the actual Marathon course is on the left and my pace per mile is shown on the right.

The Finish Line was a great thing to see. Not sure how much farther I could have gone

Time to Celebrate!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Grand Rapids Marathon Training

The  2013 Grand Rapids Marathon will be my 1st Marathon. It seems like a dream. But the reality has set in , as my training is nearing the taper point. My 20 mile run was last weekend , and was happy with a finish time of 2:59.  I ran with the Marathon Staff today , and am looking forward to the next 2 weeks of taper.  I have projected finish time of 3:50. I know they say to just go out and have fun, and don't worry about time on the 1st Marathon, but I am feeling good on a Sub-4 hr Marathon.
I will post more information as it is available.

Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Reeds Lake Triathlon

The 2013 Reeds Lake Triathlon

Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon & Duathlon


Saturday, September 7, 2013
John Collins Park
750 Lakeside Avenue
East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Shared Photo

There was about an hour delay due to lightening

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1/2 mile Swim results are:  22.26  and T1 time was 2:34.

17.2 mile Bike results are: 1:01 , avg. of 16.9 mph  and T2 time 1:35

My 4.9 mile run was 38:46, pace of 7:55.
This was my first Reeds Lake Triathlon. My final chip time was 2:06:29.
22.6 mile Triathlon.

Greenville Sunset Race

WE had fun at the Greenville Sunset Race put on by Striders in July. Nick took 3rd in his age group and I took 1st in mine there was about 100 runners  .

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Grand Haven Triathlon-Sprint Distance

This was my first Sprint Triathlon in Lake Michigan .  I have to admit ,  the water was Brutal !!!
The anticipation to compete was very exciting .
The swim portion of the Tri started on the beach. With a 5-10 mile wind and 2-3 foot waves,  I was happy to finish .
Grand Haven Triathlon
My Results:
Swim: 26:06     .5k ( 545yds)
T1: 2:12
Bike: 42:35   17.3 avg.   20k
T2 :  1:07
Run : 25.58  avg pace 8:22
Total time :  1:38:18

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 5/3 Riverbank Run Review

This year's 5/3 Riverbank Run was filled with that runner's itch that we runner's get . Training started in December , as I started to look at the month's ahead.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 5/3 Riverbank Run Training

This is week 15 of training for the 25k run. I am feeling very good about reaching my goal of 2:10. I will be continuing longer runs and a sprint day during the week. I think the sprints have helped. My 5k average is around 7:45 per mile. Persistence and commitment have given me the edge . I ran the Irish Jig a few days ago and had a 23:22 5k. A very exciting 7:32 / mile average. I placed 38 out of 201 runners in my age group, 45-49. I will let you guess my age . One hint, I'm not 49.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It is week 11 of my 23 week training plan for the Fifth Third River Bank 25k Run. So far things are right on track. I have some long runs planned in the next few weeks. I will post my results.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 Miles


  • My 2012 miles added up to 1,250 . This is the best year I have had and am looking forward to 2013.  I was able to run consistanly in a 8:15-8:30 pace. I hit a few 7:45-7:50 pace 5k runs too. Here are my 2013 goals:                              
  • Triathlon Goals: 1500 meter swim- 45:00
  • 25 mile Bike- 75:00          6.2 mile run- 50:00 
  • 1/2 Marathon Goal : 8:20 pace  .  1:48:00
  • Marathon  Goal :    9:09  pace      3:59:00
  • 25k   Goal :   8:20 pace                   2:09:00
  • 10k  Goal :    8:00 pace                   49:36
  • 5k Goal  :      7:35 pace                   23:30

Dailymile has been a great tool to Log all my miles and activity in the Tri- Sport.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Training Plans

I am looking forward to this years race schedule:
May 11 : 5/3 Riverbank 25k Run
May 25 : Bayshore Half Marathon
July 7 :  Grand Haven Triathlon
Sept 7:  Reeds Lake Triathlon
Oct :  . Grand Rapids Marathon
I am very excited about 2013. I plan to
Update my blogger more often.