Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Grand Rapids Marathon 2015

2015 Grand Rapids

Awesome morning to run

My wife Carla and Modesto

Around the 14 mile mark

Time to Celebrate

Gene, me, Dan, Brenda

 The BAM Party Crew

Gazelle Sports Summer Run Camp 2015

Gazelle Sports Summer Run Camp

8:30 -9:30 Marathon pace group

Our 18 week Training Program

The Crew ! 2015

Speed Night

Partial Trail Run

Running sure makes us thristy !
Fun Times, Serious Training  
for these BAM's
BadAss Marathoner's
Carlos, Holly, me, Steve
Way to go BAM's 

My Favorite !

Half  Or Ham"s 

Our Team shirt 2015
Tadd the speedster this year

Celebrate 2015 success !

Todd  S, Brenda, Holly, Me. Todd M, Alanna, Alex

Cheesy Group

Awesome support group

Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Chicago Marathon

The Road to the 
2015 Chicago Marathon

Fun Race Weekend Start 
Awesome Race Packet

My wife and I took the Train into Chicago
 from Michigan City

All Aboard !!
Awesome Views in Chicago

Skyscrapers all thru downtown Michigan St.
Awesome boat ride available too

My Wife , and #1 Fan

Ha, I made the front page 

Awesome Expo with Bart Yasso

Ready, Set , Go for it !!
The morning pre-race walk to the Start Line
with my running partner Tim

Awesome Sunrise on race morning
Like Anne said:
"We are really Doing This !!"

And it's Go Time !

Fun throughout the course

Elvis was in the house too
Wahoo, Made it !!

Celebrate a 4:08 finish with my with Carla
Our Grand Rapids 
Gazelle Sports Summer Run Camp
pace group-Alanna & Alex

Celebrating with our Grand Rapids BAMS
Bad Ass Marathon Team

And my Finish results - 4:08 !!