Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Chicago Marathon

The Road to the 
2015 Chicago Marathon

Fun Race Weekend Start 
Awesome Race Packet

My wife and I took the Train into Chicago
 from Michigan City

All Aboard !!
Awesome Views in Chicago

Skyscrapers all thru downtown Michigan St.
Awesome boat ride available too

My Wife , and #1 Fan

Ha, I made the front page 

Awesome Expo with Bart Yasso

Ready, Set , Go for it !!
The morning pre-race walk to the Start Line
with my running partner Tim

Awesome Sunrise on race morning
Like Anne said:
"We are really Doing This !!"

And it's Go Time !

Fun throughout the course

Elvis was in the house too
Wahoo, Made it !!

Celebrate a 4:08 finish with my with Carla
Our Grand Rapids 
Gazelle Sports Summer Run Camp
pace group-Alanna & Alex

Celebrating with our Grand Rapids BAMS
Bad Ass Marathon Team

And my Finish results - 4:08 !!

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